Convection oven-multi-oven REDMOND RAG-246

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Model Description
REDMOND RAG-246 is a 3-in-1 multifunctional airfryer multi-oven that will help you quickly and easily prepare fried and baked dishes. RAG-246 has the functions of three kitchen appliances at once - airfryer, airfryer and oven. The Tyrbo Cycle technology of accelerated conjective processing allows on average to halve the cooking time of most dishes.

It is convenient to cook both small portions for one person and complete meals or side dishes for the whole family in the 3-liter chamber RAG-246.

Turbo Cycle Technology
A powerful stream of hot air constantly circulates inside the chamber - it ensures uniform rapid heating of the products inside and contributes to the formation of a golden brown crust on the ingredients. Also, thanks to the increased convection, the cooking time is significantly reduced. For example, you can cook aromatic pork ribs in just 10-15 minutes, instead of the usual 30-40.

Setting the time and temperature
Using a special regulator on the body of the device, select the cooking temperature in the range from 80 ° C to 200 ° C. When choosing a heating temperature, rely on the type of product. For example, it is recommended to cook beef steak at the maximum temperature; 140 ° C will be enough for a casserole.

Set the cooking timer up to 30 minutes, and after the time has elapsed, the airfryer will automatically turn off: the food will not burn or dry out.

For those who care about health
Products in the Airfryer-Airfryer are baked and fried in a special perforated container. When cooking in an airfryer, excess fat is melted out of the food, and the food is less nutritious.

Non-stick coating of the grill
The container and bowl of the Airfryer are covered with a non-stick layer: they do not stick or burn during cooking. After that, it is enough to clean the grate and bowl and rinse it with a regular sponge under running water.

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