Bactericidal adhesive plaster of flesh color "Bereginya"

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Компания "Бергус" обладает технологиями и необходимым оборудованием для производства...

Bactericidal adhesive plaster "Bereginya" has an elastic micro-perforated base. It follows the curves of the body and allows the skin to breathe. The sorption pad made of non-woven material does not injure the wound when removing the adhesive plaster.

The adhesive plaster protects small wounds from the ingress of microbes and dirt from the outside, and also has an antiseptic effect due to the impregnation of chlorhexidine bigluconate.

The patch is securely fixed on the skin, and after use it is painlessly removed.

Each adhesive plaster is individually wrapped with a pull tab for easy opening.

Base: polymer waterproof breathable;

Base color: flesh (beige);

Glue: hypoallergenic hot melt;

Sorption pad: non-woven, atraumatic;

Impregnation: chlorhexidine bigluconate;

Patch size: 19x72 mm and 25x72 mm;

Packing: cardboard 20 pcs, polyethylene 100 pcs;

Expiration date: 5 years

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