Drinking water 5l Berdovskaya Taiga Soft

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  • Product code: Drinking water 5l Berdovskaya Taiga soft
  • Drinking water 5l Berdovskaya Taiga soft

    "Berdovskaya Taiga" - soft - water with a low content of calcium and magnesium salts (hardness salts).

    If you prefer to use boiled water for making tea, then this product is ideal for boiling purposes. The difference between these products is that they do not form sediment (scale). Thus, it saves you from the need to clean these devices from salt scale on the heating elements. "Soft" water is the youth of your skin. It is good to wash with such water. It does not contain impurities typical for tap water, has a reduced salt composition and does not form a salt film on the skin, does not tighten the skin.

    Volume: 5 liters
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