What is the advantage of INCOmarkt compared to other popular marketplaces?

• Manual lead generation. We do not wait for the buyer to enter the site and purchase the goods - we are engaged in product positioning and search for export partners for the hosted companies. Within the framework of the project, there is a foreign economic activity department, consisting of specialists with knowledge of the languages ​​of the host country, which is directly involved in the search for export partners and contractual support.

• Large distributors of the CIS and Europe will get to know your company. Our access to international closed and customs bases, as well as eight years of experience of RTEDC in the field of export contracting will help you in entering large distributors and wholesalers from Russia and the CIS.

• Resources. The presence of more than 10 RTEDC special representatives in the CIS, Europe and Asia, as well as information exchange within the framework of partnership with more than 35 trade development organizations all around the world, assist in establishing long-term trade relations between Russian and foreign companies.

How is communication with the hosted company built?

Each hosted company communicates with the assigned specialist about incoming leads by phone calls, e-mail messages, as well as notifications in the Seller's personal account.

Do you have any already implemented successful business cases?

• For more than 8 years of work of RTEDC, whose project is INCOmarkt, has implemented more than 100 export contracting cases. There is a vast experience of working with completely different goods: from confectionery to equipment and machine tools.