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"OOO "Sorbents of Kuzbass" LLC
The Kuzbass Sorbents company has its own production of high-quality carbon molecular sieve sorbents and granular activated carbons for gas and water purification, used in the chemical, oil and gas, coke, energy, mining, metallurgical, transport and nuclear industries, housing and communal services sector. With the help of manufactured carbon molecular sieves, it is possible to obtain pure hydrogen (from synthesis gas, coke oven gas, coal gasification products), purify, concentrate, store and transport methane, extract nitrogen with a high degree of purity from the air, extract helium from natural gas, purify air from carbon dioxide, methane and other harmful compounds. The main goals of our company: Carrying out R&D and R&D, development of technologies for producing carbon nanoporous sorbents for separating gases from Kuzbass coals, organizing the production of products with a high level of quality using our own unique technologies, which will allow us to be competitive in the Russian and world... More
"АЛАЙКУ Органикс" ОсОО
Наша компания была основана в 2014 году и с тех пор с любовью производим традиционные национальные напитки из натурального молока, собираемые на юге страны. Сегодня можем с гордостью предложить Вам серию продуктов как жидкий "Курут", "Чалап Бышма", "Жарма", а также "Кымыз" из джайлоо Алайку. Наряду с этим, производим прохладительные напитки "Шербет", делая доступным прекрасный вкус натуральных ягод и фруктов круглый год. Придерживаясь миссии, что у нас все должно быть натуральным и вкусным, производим уникальное сливочное масло с 82,5% жирности, согласно европейским стандартам качества, а также вкуснейший традиционный "каймак" (50% жирности), сливки, йогурты и сыры. Помимо кисло-молочных и прохладительных напитков, мы производим для Вас авторское пиво с 1995 года под торговой маркой "Академия Пива".
10 Мед, ООО
LLC "10 Med" is a national exporter of medical products, cosmetic products, parapharmaceuticals and food additives. The product portfolio of our group of companies includes products sold in various segments of the retail and professional market of cosmetology, dermatology, cardiology, physiotherapy, neurophysiology, sports medicine, etc. The company "10 Med" LLC was founded in 2010 in Moscow with the aim of promoting innovative Russian developments in the medical and pharmaceutical market to foreign markets and is currently the leading specialized exporter of the industry. More
ABR Enterprise
This is Rabiul Islam from Bangladesh. I am the proprietor of ABR Enterprise. Basically, I want to develop the foreign customer demanding products in Bangladesh based on the market value. So, I will give the best support to make good partnerships with Russia. Also based on the Russian buyer/market demand I will develop the products and making the customer satisfaction. I can manage the finished products of multiple items, size, Color’s from multiple brands as well as will develop the products of any buyer own designs. 
All Tigers
When my daughter got interested in makeup for the first time, I found that there were very trendy brands but not so eco-friendly on one side, or eco-friendly brands but not very trendy on the other side... Soon enough, I realized that around me many women had gone green for food, for cosmetics, for detergent, but they had not taken the plunge for makeup. Mostly because they didn't feel inspired by the product. It is often said that over their lifetime, women would eat up to 2kg of lipstick. Even if this figure is a probably extreme, a lipstick is mainly derived from petro-chemicals, other debatable chemical components, or even ingredients from animal origin... Let's just say it would be worth asking what women apply on their lips. This is how this simple question was born : what if we could create the  PERFECT LIPSTICK, eco-friendly and stylish ?  I chose the most obvious approach in my opinion: building the project with future customers. On our Instagram page @alltigers_organics... More
LLC "Aquatir" is a unique production enterprise for the cultivation of sturgeon fish and the production of natural black caviar of sterlet, bester, Russian sturgeon and beluga. The fish farming takes place in recirculation systems, in which the influence of external factors is completely excluded. The main activity of the company is the cultivation of sturgeon fish species, the receipt and processing of black caviar, as well as the industrial processing and sale of high-quality fish products. The production facilities of the enterprise include general purpose fish breeding facilities, a fish processing workshop and a production laboratory. The design capacity of the fish breeding zone of the enterprise is 50-80 tons of marketable fish and 5 tons of food caviar per year. The capacity of the fish processing workshop is 500 tons of fish products per year in the assortment: chilled, frozen, salted, cold and hot smoked fish, fish preserves.
Arima Holding
The Scarlett brand of small household appliances, created in 1996, is today one of the most popular in Russia; products are also widely represented in the CIS countries, the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. Today, the brand's products are presented in more than 40 product categories. The company's annual turnover has exceeded 5.5 million pieces of products and is growing steadily. We are recognized experts and market leaders in many areas: kettles, juicers, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, bathroom scales, hand blenders. However, at Scarlett, we are confident that creating just high-quality equipment today is not enough to attract customers and further development and the company, so in 2016 the company chose the current and technological trend as the main direction of development - the absence of excessive complexity of devices with an optimal set of functions. The efforts of the company's specialists are now focused on the development of just such a technique. All our models not only... More
Baku Steel Company, ООО
ООО Baku Steel Company (BSC), основанная Национальным лидером Гейдаром Алиевым в 2001 году, с первого дня ставит инновацию и качество во главу угла, что позволяет ей постоянно увеличивать объемы производства и сохранять конкурентоспособность на мировом рынке. Компания постоянно расширяет диапазон деятельности и в настоящее время имеет две электродуговые печи и три прокатные линии, что позволило увеличить годовую производственную мощность до 1000000 млн. тонн (одного миллиона тонн). С 2010 г. BSC была полностью реконструирована. В результате этого Компания не только увеличила производственные мощности, но и расширила ассортимент производимой продукции. В настоящее время мы производим арматуру, прокат  квадратный, прокат круглый, швеллер, катанку (проволоку), уголок, двутавр, квадратный и железный пруток, а также фигурное литье различного сортамента. Максимальная автоматизация процесса производства позволяет избежать несчастных случаев, которые могут возникнуть из человеческого... More
BearBeer, ЗАО
Closed Joint Stock Company "BearBeer" is a legal entity, a commercial organization. The authorized capital of the enterprise is 706.3 million soms, and the total cost of this project is 21.2 million euros, or 1.4 billion soms. The production premises of JSC "BearBeer" are located in a clean area of the town of Shopokov. Since its inception, BearBeer UAB has been conceived as a leader in the production of soft drinks, water and beer. The best varieties of malt, hops and water from our own well are used for the production of soft drinks, water and beer.