Requirements for the online store when connecting

There are several groups of requirements that an online store must meet:

availability of prices for goods on the site;
availability of return conditions;
description of the characteristics of the goods, place of manufacture
service life, shelf life and warranty period;
location of the seller, contact details, details (TIN, legal address, telephone, e-mail);

The legislative framework

Internet trade in Russian legislative acts sounds like a "remote way of selling goods" and is regulated by:

The Civil Code of the Russian Federation;
Law of the Russian Federation "On Protection of Consumer Rights" No. 2300-1 dated 07.02.1992;
Federal Law "On Advertising" No. 38-FZ dated 13.03.2006;
Federal Law "On the Basics of State Regulation of Trade Activities in the Russian Federation" No. 381-FZ dated 28.12.2009;
Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation "On approval of the Rules for the sale of goods by remote means" No. 612 dated September 27, 2007;
Letter of Rospotrebnadzor "On control over compliance with the Rules for the sale of goods by remote means" No. 0100 / 10281-07-32 dated 12.10.2007;
Letter of Rospotrebnadzor "On the suppression of offenses in the remote method of selling goods" No. 0100 / 2569-05-32 dated 04/08/2005.

It is forbidden to implement on INCOmarkt:

I. Medicine and health

1. Prescription drugs;

2. Medicinal raw materials obtained from reindeer husbandry (for example, maral antlers, pantorin);

3. Human organs and tissues, donor services, services of surrogate mothers.

II. Tobacco, alcohol, drugs

4. Tobacco, tobacco products (including those intended for consumption by heating or evaporation) and any smoking mixture

5. Smoking accessories (including electronic cigarettes, electronic nicotine delivery systems, devices for heating tobacco or nicotine-containing liquids, vapes and their consumables, pipes, any hookahs, cigarette paper, lighters, excluding collectible lighters)

6. Ethyl alcohol and any alcoholic products

7. Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, their precursors, as well as any products for their use

III. Flora and fauna

8. Animals, birds, fish, plants and other organisms listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation, red books of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation or protected by international treaties, their parts and derivatives (stuffed animals, skins, bone trophies, etc.), any goods of them (clothing, accessories, interior items, food, etc.)

9. Goods and services that can be used for poaching and other illegal capture of animals, birds or fish (for example, electric fishing rods, fishing nets, foot traps, animal baiting services)

10. Zoos (including their sale); services involving the use of animals for cultural and entertainment purposes; any goods and services that may be aimed at cruelty to animals or birds

IV. Material and currency values

11. Foreign currency and other currency values, coins and banknotes in circulation, with the exception of their purchase and sale for numismatic purposes;

12. Cryptocurrencies and services related to their turnover;

13. Securities, excluding securities for collectibles purposes, with clearly stated expired or invalid / cancellation / redemption mark

14. Precious metals, natural precious stones and pearls (excluding jewelry made from them)

15. State awards of the Russian Federation, RSFSR, USSR, as well as their copies, dummies and models

16. Gaming equipment used for gambling; lottery equipment.

V. Goods and services infringing intellectual rights

17. Counterfeit goods - goods that illegally use brands' trademarks or imitate the appearance of original goods (for example, replicas / fakes of designer clothes or accessories, phones)

18. Stolen goods or property.

19. Pirated products (for example, unlicensed films and games)

20. Digital devices with illegally replaced software or with disrupted operation of technical protection equipment installed by the copyright holder (for example, smartphones, tablets or navigators with firmware)

21. Testers and other promotional products not for sale

Vi. Other goods and services

22. Explosives and materials

23. Weapons (including hunting, pneumatic, civilian, airsoft, paintball, souvenir and decorative), accessories, copies thereof; knives, except for kitchen, pen and stationery knives;

24. Encryption equipment, technical means intendedfor wiretapping and other secret receipt of information, as well as related documents;

25. Campaign materials, voting ballots and other goods and services related to the exercise of political rights;

26. Extremist materials and items with Nazi symbols

27. Any goods and services, the circulation of which is limited or prohibited, or which may be aimed at violating the legislation of the Russian Federation, including:

a. Contact or credentials, including phone numbers, email addresses, accounts of instant messengers, social networks, blogs and forums, instant messaging systems, games and other resources and services (for example, Skype, Steam, iTunes, Google Play); contact databases

b. SIM-cards and services of connection to mobile operators

c. Upside-down frames for license plates, magnets for illegal adjustment of meters, quick-release frames for license plates for cars, anti-tow trucks, services for illegal adjustment of a speedometer, universal keys for intercoms, electric meters with a control panel, etc.

d. Goods and services related to illegal traffic or counterfeiting of state numbers or documents for vehicles, or other official documents that grant rights or release from obligations (for example, state certificates, licenses, permits, signs, passes, forms of strict reporting), with the exception of items for collectible purposes with clearly stated expired or invalid / cancellation / redemption mark

e. Finished thesis and term papers, dissertations, etc., as well as services for their writing

f. Goods with information about distance selling, if their distance selling is prohibited

g. Goods and services without registration, certification, licenses or permits, when their passage or receipt is mandatory

28. Intimate goods.