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The international brand REDMOND is one of the world's leading manufacturers of househo...

Cordless upright vacuum cleaner REDMOND RV-UR379 "2 in 1" will help to bring perfect order in the house and in the car. The compact, lightweight appliance is suitable for efficient daily cleaning and is independent of power outlets and cords during operation.

High-capacity battery
The lithium-ion battery lasts for 65 minutes when vacuuming without a turbo brush and at minimum speed. Using a turbo brush reduces the charge to 55 minutes, but that's enough to keep all surfaces clean.

Increased power
The RV-UR379 is a new generation cordless vacuum cleaner. Its suction power is more than 120 watts.

The power level is regulated in 3 stages:

1 mode - low power for easy cleaning, for example, cleaning sofas, curtains and armchairs from dust

Mode 2 - medium power for cleaning smooth linoleum, laminate, tiles and other smooth surfaces

3 mode - high power for carpets, rugs and other long-haired surfaces

Multifunctional attachments
• Turbo brush with two replaceable rollers - one with two soft bristles for cleaning smooth surfaces, the other with three hard fiber spirals for removing coarse debris, hair and sand.
• The brush for furniture will cope not only with upholstery of armchairs and sofas, but also suitable for removing dust, crumbs and fine debris from the interior and trunk of a car.
• The crevice tool does a good job of cleaning around skirting boards, corners, joints and crevices where debris gets clogged.
HEPA filter H13
The UR379 is equipped with a HEPA H13 fine filter, which effectively traps fine dust particles, pollen, fungal spores and other allergens, and does not release them into the air leaving the device. That is, the RV-UR379 cleans not only floors and furniture, but also the atmosphere in the house.

REDMOND. Freedom of movement - perfect result!

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