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The international brand REDMOND is one of the world's leading manufacturers of househo...

Skirting heater SkyHeat 7003S (2 meters) is a smart REDMOND heater installed along the wall and providing uniform heating of the room. You can control the work of the smart SkyHeat 7003S from anywhere in the world * - from your smartphone.

The smart skirting heater is mounted along the wall and heats it up first. The wall then reflects the heat into the room as a heat shield. This heating method avoids air separation into cold and warm air. As a result, the most comfortable atmosphere is created in the room: the air is evenly warm both at the floor and upstairs, fungus and mold do not appear on the walls, there is no condensation on the windows. And since heating occurs gradually and at a low speed, dust does not rise during operation of the 7003S, which is important for allergy sufferers and all those who care about their health and the health of their families.

Smart heater is characterized by low energy consumption. In this case, due to the elongated shape, the heat transfer area is significantly increased. And since the walls during the operation of SkyHeat 7003S warm up first of all, they do not take heat from the room, as is often the case with other types of heaters, but, on the contrary, keep it in the room even after the smart convector is turned off.

You can control the switching on and off of the smart baseboard heater not only manually - as we used to do, but also from a smartphone. To do this, you need to install the free Ready for Sky mobile application on your gadget. Through it, you will have access to all device settings, regardless of your location *. You can turn on the smart heater from your smartphone while driving from work or walking with your pet, and it will warm the room for your return. To create the perfect atmosphere for you, the SkyHeat 7003S has 4 power levels. You can ask any of them online - from the application. Using the application, you can also block SkyHeat from unwanted switching on, or set up a smart baseboard heater operation schedule so that, for example, it turns on in the morning and warms up the room more intensively, and in the afternoon, when you are away, it works in a moderate mode.

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